There are loads of good reasons to use the league notice board. Be sure to check back regularly to see if anything that's been posted my interest you.

- Finding a suitable opponent/pitch for a friendly
- Looking to buy/sell unwanted equipment
- Clubs looking for players 
- Players or volunteers looking for clubs
- Any other suitable notice

Please note that all notices are vetted before being published. 


William Cooper

Have just moved to Maidstone and am looking for a team, if anyone is looking for players please get in contact with me on 07934320291


Invicta Rangers

Looking for new players for our Division 1 side. If you're interested in joining up with a well run team - please contact me!


Rubicon Limerick

Looking for a friendly, Sunday, 4 April.


Larkfield & New Hythe

Looking for an away friendly on Good Friday, 2nd April. We have a ref sorted, just need an opponent that can host us

[email protected]


Barming Blues

Looking for a friendly over the Easter weekend. We have a pitch so if interested let me know. Trevor

East Malling

Looking for a friendly on Sunday, 4 April

[email protected]